INKY BINKY FILMS are short pieces, shot and often but not always cut on location. 

Any where.  On Location

Revitalized in 2013 with the Beach Bum with a Camera project.

I produced and directed these films but often had help, inspiration, and  input from various collaborators. After seeing a few of these films  Lynda Barry suggested the series title. I thank her very much for that.

I began making shorts many years ago, especially when I was working on media activism projects or studying in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, the Philippines or French Polynesia.  In the beginning Inky Binky films were  shot in S-8 or 16mm film but always edited in video.  These days I primarily but not exclusively shoot in digital formats. I also made a series called “Sal’s Homemade Films” for special occasions and about friends or beloved pets. Eventually, I will also include some of these tidbits on this site.

Also, visit  my website to view or read about other projects and longer films that I have been producing since 1978.

Sally Cloninger

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